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  • Lewis
    I brewed this tea at 180°. The scent is very umami and it’s delightfully savory and full in body. Almost broth like. Very much like a sencha in my opinion, but I enjoy it more than the sencha I’ve tried so far. Sweet in a roasted veggie way.
  • John
    The tea itself is nice. It has very strong energy as do most gongting ripes. I would classify this as a wood/ slightly bitter ripe which typically tells me the material in it is good. It’s thick as well and has some room for growth as far as the aging process goesZ although I imagine with the right type of storage this would age wonderfully!
  • Kirstie C.
    I always want to try new Chinese teas. Love at the first sip.
  • Ben
    The Imperial Dragon Well Tea has the classic Longjing aroma - plenty of nuttiness and a slight vegetal aroma that gives it a nice balance. When brewed it comes out quite smooth with no major bitterness and a generally comfortable quality. Makes a nice daily drinker for those who are inclined towards green teas!
  • James
    Silver needle really is something special, i love it. But i decided to put in a tall glass and see how it does grampa style, you can see all the little tea hairs separate and swim around, which is really relly relaxing. The longer it is in the water the creamier it gets, this is actually amazing.
  • Kathie
    Such a sweet and clean tea! my favorite Chinese tea from this shop.
  • Brianna G.
    Fantastic and life like. Bought this as a gift and my friend absolutely loved it! Definitely will use this seller again! Fast service as well and great customer service.
  • B. C
    The Classic Laoshan Green Tea is a very delicate, small leaf chinese tea with a surprising amount of flavor. Brewed with lower temperature water this tea gives out a nutty flavor with a nice grounding umami note. A very nice Chinese alternative to a Japanese Sencha, and at a good price as well!
  • Lewis
    It really lived up to expectations! It’s so buttery and sweet on its own. The bags were a lot bigger than I expected and I’m excited about that.
  • Jenn D
    I am amazed! These are perfect, and received in time. I know my dad will love them. Thanks so much!
  • Basser
    Overall I’m very satisfied with this product and happy I made the purchase. My only suggestion for anyone ordering a tea is to choose your preferred Chinese tea. The tea I chose is good. I would recommend this purchase to anyone that enjoys teas.
  • Raneesha W.
    A cup of black tea finished my whole day. Highly recommend!
  • J.R.
    I recommend it as i will say it's around the highest quality greens i have had. It is less grassy than it is vegetal, but i cant pinpoint a specific one. It taste really similar to a sencha i had in the past, but better IMO. The second infusion has a lot more color and a lot more vegetal smell. The leaves are maintaining their silver shape and that looks really good.
  • Mike
    Just an incredible aroma on this one. A rich, full aroma of buttery steamed spinach with roasted chestnuts filled my space. That nuttiness was strong in the cup and was the main attraction for me. A broth with the best of all worlds, savory but sweet, and slightly bitter, vegetal and nutty. I could drink this tea every day and be happy.
  • Lewis
    It’s a delicious tea one of the best I’ve ever had. It’s very elegant and I could see this being a good candidate to serve at a tea party.
  • Antonia
    A Chinese green tea that manages to capture the flavour of both Dragonwell & Sencha all in one! It’s brothy and umami with plenty of vegetal and delightfully roasted nutty notes. There’s even a sweet butteriness to the mouthfeel that lasts long into the finish.