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Oolong tea uses all five basic steps to produce, with rolling and oxidizing done repeatedly, making it a very time-consuming process. The leaves are picked when they are a little bit larger; sometimes two or three leaves are picked. They are rolled, allowed to rest and oxidize, rolled again, oxidize, heated to slow oxidizing down, rolled again, and so on. Oolong tea falls somewhere between green teas and black teas and can be anywhere between 15% to 80% oxidization. Oolong teas are ideal for people who are new to loose leaf tea drinking. The flavors are more complex than green or white, and they have a smooth, soft astringency in your mouth. They have a rich floral and fruity flavor profile. They have a wide range of flavors because there is such a wide range of oxidation allowed to happen. Da Hong Pao is one of the famous Chinese Oolong tea and Shui Xian and Rou Gui are favored in China and abroad.

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