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Puer Tea (poo-ERR) is a post-fermented tea and completely different art. The tea is aged and allowed to ferment. A product of the Yunnan province of China where it grows in very rich, dark soil, old tea plants which have essentially become trees, have large leaves. These larger leaves are processed like Green tea (pick, wither, pan fire) but then they're packed into small "cakes" and allowed to sit for years. (About 20-25 years) From picking, to fully fermented, and ready to use. The microorganisms that exist naturally on the leaf allow the tea to ferment, and as it ferments the tea becomes darker and smoother. This strain of tea is known as "raw puer tea". The Chinese have since developed a way to expedite the fermenting process in a very skilled way to cut the fermentation time down to two months. In a nutshell, they pile the leaves after pan-firing into very clean warehouses where they turn up the heat and humidity to accelerate the process in a skilled way. This is known as "cooked" Puer tea. We offer raw puer tea and shu puer tea from Yunnan, China. And puer tea combination samples at competitive price.

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